Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Wild / Double Trouble

After struggling with an animation project I decided to pause and write a poem about the way it has been making me feel. The creative people among you will probably recognise some of the feelings expressed. After I wrote it I showed it to my poetically gifted friend, Tony Maude. He then used my poem as fuel to write his own version of it, which you can see here. (I think it is very interesting that he made the unruly creativity female and I made mine male....)


Foe to my own creation,
he laughs as I
struggle to enforce
my will.

Refusing to be harnessed,
it is a lion captured from the wild.
His captor's remains hanging from his jaw.


fangs draw near as I flail.

Control is an illusion,
a mocking mirage through scorching heat.
Creativity bows to no-one.

©2012 Cat Hill

Don't forget to hop over to Tony's blog Rumours of Rhyme to see his version (his other stuff is worth a read too)

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  1. "poetically gifted" - blushes. Thanks Cat. We should do this again - and invite others to do it too. No, wait. dVerse poets does that already :)