Friday, 9 December 2011

Welcome / A-ha's

Hello and welcome! I decided to wipe the slate clean and restart my old blog. A close friend of mine inspired me to start blogging again after telling me the benefits that his own blog is having for him. He explained that it has created a sense of community and connection with people who share similar interests on a personal as well as a professional level.

I will be posting some of my own design work in the hope that invisible people will comment and share their constructive criticism. I also intend to post the work of others that inspire me - be that music, animation, illustration, typography, graphic design, painting, film, creative writing or just randomness. I believe that inspiration comes from unexpected places.

For my first post I've decided to share a classic music video from the 80s that was shown to me by the same friend mentioned above. It is by the A-Ha's titled 'Take on Me".  It may seem a bit odd that I like it so much as I wasn't even born in 1985. Still, if you bare with me you'll see why. Firstly it's difficult to resist a bit of synth-pop (come on admit - you tap your feet too). Secondly the video is stunning. It used Rotoscoping to achieve the sketch animation effect and combined this technique with live action. The result is impressive and advanced for its time. Plus the romantic twist of the story leaves you with a feel good vibe, well it does for me anyway.

I think those of my generation and younger are missing out if they have never seen this. Even if you find the music cheesy I recommend watching the video. Once you get over the mullet hairstyles and retro clothes you'll hopefully see why it belongs in the gallery of 'All Time Greatest Music Videos'.


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